I'm Nik.

University Student and Developer


Welcome to my Portfolio!

Hi, I'm Nikita (or Nik). I'm a computer science student with a passion for programming and the subject as a whole, with interests in online technologies and web development.

I'm always looking for a challenge to help me build on and practice my skills, and enjoy working on projects from time to time. If you're interested in having me help work on your project(s), don't hesitate to contact me and I'm sure we can work something out!

Languages: English, Russian
Technical: Flask, Python, C, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL
WIP: React, NodeJS


I always aim to get back to any emails as fast as I can, when not bogged down by university or work in general.



The following is a showcase of projects and work that I have done (for clients or otherwise).

PoG Store Frontend

You can also find some of my public projects on my GitLab.